Somatic Experiencing® Restores Regulation to the Mind-Body-Self

Developed by Dr. Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing® is a body-focused approach to resolving symptoms of trauma or severe and persistent stress, which may contribute to a client's physical or emotional discomforts. 


we can experience life's stressors and then recover in a reasonable amount of time.   SE supports your body's natural ability toward resilience by helping you to experience and restore healthy activation and settling cycles in your nervous system. 


When we are not able to recover from stressors...

 we are not in flow, and are out of balance. We have lost our natural rhythm, and as result, we may experience physical and emotional dis-regulation. When we have been exposed to a trauma or even prolonged stress, our stress response system can get "stuck on" or thrown into high gear. Or, we may feel as if we are "stuck off" like our battery is dead. The other possibility is feeling as if the brake and gas pedal are being engaged at the same time! Any of these feelings can inhibit parts of our nervous system responsible for keeping us healthy and balanced.


Incorporating Somatic Experiencing into a treatment plan may help with the following :  Anxiety ~ Depression ~ PTSD ~ Recovery from surgical procedures ~ Chronic pain ~ Persistent tension  ~  Injury or Re-injury ~ Early attachment issues ~ Lack of body or self awareness


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