Paths of Peace 

  Paths of Peace is an emerging non-profit offering mind-body trauma healing practices.  
Our embodied approach to transforming trauma cultivates mind-body health.
  Please support our practical, effective low cost, rapid relief programs to create individulal self healing which supports conscious 
social change within communities.


Paths of Peace offers trainings in mind-body trauma healing to reduce physical and mental suffering.

 We teach, and thereby empower people to return to their normal productive lives within their local communities and families.

 To bring wholeness, and peace to those who are marginalized, living in poverty, and immersed in trauma.



We teach simple and practical mind-body trauma healing techniques for trauma resolution and reliency to individuals and groups.

We empower people to use the wisdom they inherently posses to heal and transform their lives and the lives of others. 

 We offer compassionate, science supported solutions to restore balance in mind and body to those most effected by terrorism and war, extreme poverty, and cultural oppression.

  We offer ways for people to experience their fullest expression of health through breath work, mindful movement and relaxation techniques. 

We support individuals and groups to become mind-body Change Agents to advance the understanding of effective holistic approaches to wellness within the context of the culture. 

 We support the vital roles of NGO’s and local and state agencies,in the emerging reconstruction by enhancing the human potential.