For therapists and medical professionals interested in offering their patients and integrative treatment plan:

In an environment which supports therapeutic holding, your clients can explore the intimate connection between thought and movement, mind, and body.

Providing adjunctive body-mind therapies and somatic healing modalities including Somatic Experiencing®, Integrative Yoga Therapy, Conscious Mindful Movement, Gyrotonic and breath based stress education techniques to create equilibrium.

Specializing in:

Psycho-physical re-education  ~ Symptoms of PTSD and Trauma  ~ Pain reduction/resolution resistant to conventional treatments,  including : syndromal patterns, fibromyalgia, chronic pain patterns, joint and muscular tensions 

For yoga teachers, service providers, and non-profits who work with marginalized populations:  

  • Consultation ~ Supervision 
  • Training that emphasizes self care as well as:
  1. The impact of trauma on the nervous system
  2. Foundational understanding of the breath
  3. Learn embodiment techniques for guided relaxation and increased felt sense of self
  4. Learn how to integrate these techniques for your own wellness and for those you serve