I am a movement educator, social worker, and a practitioner  of somatic healing arts.  The focus of my work is in the realm of body (somatic) psychotherapy, with an emphasis on trauma resolution/resiliency. I weave Somatic Experiencing©, BASE training (Body Awareness Somatic Education), yoga therapy, mindfulness practices and body work into sessions as needed to help clients awaken and cultivate their innate natural healing process.

My specialites include PTSD, Chronic Pain Management, Medical Trauma, Pervasive and Childhood Trauma as well as Post Rehab Movement Repatterning for those suffering from physical disabilites.

I work with individuals and groups both domestically and abroad and have found the language of Somatic Expereincing© eliminates barriers of language, culture and customs. In this way I am humbled to support healing and witness profound shifts in participants of this work.